*SOLVED* My idiocy knows no bounds...... Chord symbol questions

Hi guys,

I was getting myslef tied in knots with the Project Default appearance for chord symbols with different qualities of chords and which ones would work for all roots and which ones didn’t (I mentioned it in a different thread, I forget whether it was on here or the FB group), so I decided to reset everything and go back to the defaults and start again.

I’m using a san serif font for chord symbols because that’s my personal preference, there’s something odd to my eyes about a more formal looking serif font for chords on a pop or jazz chart, but that’s a debate for another day…

Anyhow, in the pic below, you can see my question:

In engraving options, I’ve got exactly the same options selected for the maj7 chord quality as the sus4 quality. Both are set to subscript and the ‘position of interval number when using subscript vertical position’ option is set to superscript. However, as you can see, I’m getting vastly different sizes in both cases… Also, the m for minor size seems to bear no resemblance either, this is set to baseline and it’s bigger than the m for major but if I set it to sub- or superscript, it becomes very small, as do the b and # symbols: (admittedly, the m is not too ridiculous…)

Although, the miniscule b does seem to have fixed the collision with the barline…
Am I doing something wrong?

Also, one more quick question, what does the chord symbols music text font font style actually change?

Cheers as always for any help,


Can you post a file? There are several ways to override chord settings so it’s hard to know exactly what is causing the size differences without seeing a sample file demonstrating the issue.

Thanks for the reply Fred, I had an override that I thought I’d removed, still in the file… All sorted now.