Solved mysterious sudden crashes

Yesterday, out of the blue cubase 11, which worked flawless from day 1 started crashing. It would poof on loading the video engine. It would also crash when I removed the video engine on opening a project.
It would load but also poof on the first appearance of the arrange window. I had not changed anything to the system.
Very strangely all older cubase version worked 100%, which made me think it was a preferences issue, so I removed preferences. Still the same crash.
Uninstalled cubase and a clean reinstall no fix. Updated GFX drivers still the same. I did not like the new graphics drivers so I uninstalled them and reinstalled the drivers I had for the last years (It is a Radeon HD5750 for which there are no new drivers except the crimson beta, which I did not like).
And…Cubase 11 worked again, like it never happened. So what fixed it was uninstalling the graphics driver completely and then a fresh install. What was really weird is that it only affected Cubase 11.
I hope this helps someone with the same problem and adds another troubleshooting option. Removing and reinstalling the (same) graphics driver.
Happy new year everybody!


Thank you for sharing!