{SOLVED}N 7.1+autotune 8.1.2 crash

autotune 8.1.2 crashes N7.1
im using AT8 in manual mode, not as an insert but as process plugin on audio events(didn’t try it on insert slots to test yet,but anyway i use it only as process plugin on audio events)

just built a new xeon win10 DAW with new RME RayDat and it crashes nuendo after short usage AT8
on the old machine it worked, though im not sure if it was the latest ver of AT8 (now its 8.1.2 latest)
nuendo was the latest ver before 7.1 on the old Machine and different sound card.
any thoughts ?

I had similar issues with AT7…

I am no IT guru, but this is what I did to get my AT to stop crashing my Nuendo.

Go to your Plug In Manager, and make sure AT is not one of the folders you added for Nuendo to locate a plugin. (This was something you had to do in the past for directing nuendo to find plugins.)
Uninstall AT
Run Disc Cleanup
Download your installers for ilok manager and for AT (regardless if you already have them, just download again)
Re-Install AT and ilok license manager
And make sure the GFX card driver is up-to-date (the Antares tech told me that, because my AT7 would launch as a white box).

Again, this was what fixed my AT issue. I don’t know what is causing yours. I hope this works for you.

unfortunately it didn’t help in my case, even AT8.1.5 update came out, but it still crashes Nuendo after several uses of AT in graphic Mode on Audio events
Thanks for sharing anyway :sunglasses:

Antares support helped with the crash…
just had to delete Defaults.xml file:
C:\Users(login)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 7.1
after 2 hours working with AT it didnt crash Nuendo :wink: