[SOLVED] N10: Tool Modifier - Set Position

in Cubase, there is an option to Set Position of the Cursor anywhere you click with a Tool Modifier (under Select Tool). It’s set to Alt+Shift+LMB in my Cubase. But I can’t find anything like this in Nuendo 10 (I recently switched) which would be a big shame, because I can’t get used to the Locate when click in empty space or just trying to hit the timeline at the top of the screen. Is this function somewhere in N10 or is there a workaround? Or a possibility to add this feature? Thanks.

Yes, this is a feature that is even mentioned in a manual but doesn’t work. So I think it should be fixed ASAP.


I am missing it every hour of every day. It is literally painful to work without it. I even put a request in the feature request section. Let’s see how soon we can get it.

I wish I saw this thread before switching from C10 to N10. It’s terrible! Missing a feature that I was using probably hundreds of time per HOUR! Hope this will be fixed soon.

Please fix this as soon as possible!

I wish I could roll back to Cubase10, but I cannot anymore!!! II was assured that there is nothing from Cubase that Nuendo misses - not true!!

I feel similar; kinda deceived and deprived.

This missing feature forced me to buy Cubase 10 back while it was on sale now. Really, I cannot use Nuendo until this feature is incorporated. This is a major showstopper for me.


So, we have Fredo confirming ARA2 support on another thread, but total silence about this broken feature. Does that mean anything? :grimacing:

It’s been discussed internally for quite some time but frankly, I don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed yet. I will try to find out more!

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

As we have more maintenance updates coming up, chances are good that this is being worked on for one of them (not the next one though :wink:). At least I have the confirmation that we aim at including it again.


Thanks a lot. Hopefully soon!

I believe this really shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming to implement, since the entire code exists in C10. Please, this is essential to me to transition to N10,

If you already didn’t know, I am very happy to inform you that this feature has been brought back with version 10.2.

Thank you Steinberg for listening to us.

Can confirm this issue is fixed in 10.2! Thank you!