[SOLVED] New Activation Code?

I had to reinstall Sierra from scratch after it would not display anything on my monitor (long story).

This meant having to redownload everything from Steinberg account to reinstall that as well, including a new eLicenser. I entered the activation for Cubase Elements 9, but it said it had already been used. So I went through the process of registering the new eLicenser, was able to activate Pashop and Zero Gravity, but now Cubase Elements 9 doesn’t even show up in my account! :angry:

It’s downloaded and installed, but asks for an activation code.

Any ideas???

UPDATE: Contacted support, they sorted it out for me.

Try following the instructions for reactivation…


Regards :sunglasses:

Steinberg has by far the worst account management and support I’ve ever seen.

I can find the order information in my shop account, along with the old activation number, but for whatever reason Cubase Elements 9 is not showing in my account. Entering the old activation number simply says that the eLicenser assigned to that number is “deprecated”.

Well that’s great. How about some indication as to how I can reactivate Cubase? Ever think of letting people know that somewhere in your support Steinberg?

Yeah I saw that, except as noted Cubase Elements 9 doesn’t even show up in my account anymore.

Downloaded and installed the 9.0.1 update, opened it and tried to activate it with the old code, said I needed to contact the vendor for a new code.

Kind of vague, but I take it to mean I have to put in a support ticket, which I have done.

Come on Steinberg, really sloppy process here.

You mention your shop account,have you tried your MY Steinberg account,this is where you should be looking.

He is talking about the same issue I have. After upgrade it got missing from MySteinberg account (see attachemtn).

Yeah it’s not even listed in my Steinberg account anymore. It was at first, but when I registered the new eLicenser it vanished. There’s still record of it in my shop account though.

Hopefully they can straighten this out sooner rather than later. :neutral_face:

Hello Rerun,

I’m sorry about the trouble with the reactivation. I went ahead and re-registered your soft eLicenser in your MySteinberg account. You should now see it when you login. I have also replied to your support request that was sent in, so please check your e-mail for instructions on how to reactivate your software.

Thank you.

Hello Alexandra,

Would be able to help me as well?

Having a very similar problem can you reactivate mine

Hello, I’m having a similar problem too. I reactivated an eLicenser but it still has the same serial number so I cannot use any Steinberg’s software that I have installed and for which I have new activation codes because when I try to activate them it comes up an error screen.

If it is possible to help, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!

Could you help me as well? I switched computers and now Cubase 9 doesn’t even appear on my registered software.
Thanks in advance.

“9” what ?

If your license is really on a USB-eLicenser and you have applied the update previously, I don’t see how it could have disappeared. Changing your computer does nothing to the licenses stored on a USB-eLicenser. Is this USB-eLicenser registered? What shows in your MySteinberg account?

I’m afraid not.

My USB dongle only have cubase 9 elements. I had this problem before when I had to change computer. I had to get new codes.
The problem now is that the hardrive broke. And it is only 9 available on the USB dongle. The upgrade was not possible to ad to the USB if I remember correctly.
The broken computer was never on the internet. I belive I used the usb to transport the license… or it may have been downloaded directly… it is 3 years ago😄

My steinberg account have 3 licenses where only one is registered. Same as usb stick. The ones not working is cubase artist 5 and the 9.5 upgrade from 9.

Hope this information helps to know what have happened to my licenses…

Very strange. I have never experienced, or even heard of, licenses disappearing from a USB-eLicenser once they were activated.

Your computer’s storage system has nothing to do with the USB-eLicenser. If the “upgrade” (update) was not possible to add, maybe you purchased the wrong update. No one knows for sure. I certainly have no clue. However, if you say you already applied this update and previously had an Elements 9.5 license on your USB-eLicenser and now it is gone … well, that’s a mystery no common forum member can solve. At least, not that I am aware of.

It’s difficult to help someone who can’t even remember what was done to create the problem.

There is no such product as “cubase artist 5”.

I’m afraid that’s about all I can offer on this one.

Finally I got reply from Steinberg.=)
The problem seems to be that I have updated the Cubase AI license (to Cubase Elements) on a Soft-eLicenser that was entered as an “old” Soft-eLicenser during reactivation. This way the Soft-eLicenser is deactivated and can no longer be reactivated - it is therefore “deprecated”. A Soft-eLicenser can only be reactivated once.
Thats why I had Cubase 9 on my dongle and 9.5 on my computer and was not able to register it at steinberg or move it to the dongle.

So we must not activate licenses on a Soft-eLicenser after it has been stated as “old Soft-eLicenser” during a reactivation.

Wow, that is a somewhat confusion situation. Thanks for the update. Maybe it will help someone else in the future.

Better late than never, I guess!

Thanks for this subject of discussion, it helped me too. I appreciate that! :handshake: