[Solved] New Project problem

Me again :slight_smile:

On my newly installed WIn 10, I moved my documents, Public. Pics and Video to a different drive by creating Links.

For info I did this by following online instructions that means from an administrative command prompt

robocopy /MIR %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Joe\Documents D:\Documents

Then booted into safe mode

Then from an administrative command prompt

rmdir /s /q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Joe\Documents

mklink /D %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Joe\Documents D:\Documents

This works fine. If I or any other program creates something in C:\Users\Joe\Documents, it actually puts in in D\ Documents

But having an odd one with Cubase, probably something I’ve done.

If I create a new project and prompt for project location, it brings up the “Select Project Folder” window, showing the libraries for example

This PC


and I click on Documents, go into “Cubase Projects” and I create a new folder for my project.

Once the project window appears, I go File, Save As and save it the same name as I called the New Folder.

In the file browser window that appears, it’s saving it to

C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Cubase Projects…

And sure enough, if I use windows file explorer and look in the D:\Documents\Cubase Projects\ folder, the file is correctly there.

That’s all totally fine.


If I start Cubase, or close and reopen the project, it brings up the explorer window that’s looking in

D:\Documents\Cubase Projects…

And while it’s exactly the same file in there, Cubase doesn’t think so and I get a window popping up saying

The Project file has been moved
Please confirm the project working directory

Document path is D:\Documents\Cubase Projects…

New (1) D:\Documents\Cubase Projects…
Old (2) C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Cubase Projects…

While not a big problem, I just don’t want Cubase getting confused, thinking about it I could get around it by when I create a new project, select “My PC” then the D drive, then Documents etc and do it that way.

I just wondered if there’s a reason it looks in the D drive when opening projects and creates them in the C drive (again must be me:))

Many thanks

I think it might be an issue with the type of linked used. There’s a bit of a difference in behavior between a junction link, and a symbolic link. IRC, the symbolic link resolves to the destination link to the calling app, where a junction link does not - meaning the calling app has no knowledge of it being a link.

To change your system folders to another drive you should right click the folder in file manager and select properties. Then select location and it will move everything properly as well as making the new location the actual location for ‘My Documents’ and the rest of them.


I have an image backup before I moved the directories, but it’s a long job reinstalling things like NI and Omnisphere :slight_smile:

I used to use the Location tab to move directories, but found a few ibts of software I use, still manage to create duplicate directories on myu C drive and put stuff in there.

While I know it should be impossible, I would have C:\Users\Joe\Documents pointing to D:\Documents and I would have another C:\Users\Joe\Documents on my C drive with data in.

Same for m,y Public documents (where all my samples go)

Since using mklink, I haven’t had this problem.

Will have to have a think

I went back to my image backup,

Used the Location Tabs as jgrnfld described above (thanks), re-installed all music software and all working 100% fine :slight_smile: