"Solved" New slashed Up-stem Voice shortcut

Hello :wave:

I would like to add rhythm slashes to a region of an instrument part.

I’m doing it that way :
In Write mode > Select a region > right click on this region > Voices < Change Voice < New Slashed Up-stem Voice

It would be nice if an option was available in the right panel
“Repeat Structure” < Rhythm Slashes < Create Slash Region
for example.

I tried to found a way to do a shortcut in Key Commands, but I didn’t found it.

If it doesn’t exist I might be able to create it with macOS < Keyboard < Shortcuts < App Shortcuts,
but I hope there is another way.

Can you help me with this :man_shrugging:

Thank you :pray:

You’re quite right that at the moment it’s not possible to create a shortcut for this in the Key Commands page of Preferences, for boring technical reasons concerning the way these commands require specific parameters corresponding to the voice to be created. It’s on our list for future improvement.

Thank you dspreadbury, :bowing_man:

I couldn’t make a shortcut with macOs but, I could with Keyboard Maestro’s “Select or Show a Menu item” function.
I use ⇪ to trigger the shortcut ⌃ ⇧ ⌥ ⌘ at once with Karabiner-Elements
And Boom :mage:
Unfortunately it is  only