[SOLVED] New to Cubasis/iPAd

Hi - I’m considering buying Cubasis for for my iPad Pro for use with my Korg Krome. Could someone help with a (hopefully) simple question?

  • What cabling do I need to hook up the iPad to the Krome correctly?

Many thanks


Hi Alan,

a simple solution would be to connect the Krome to the iPad via Apple Camera Connection Kit.
Depending on the iPad device you will find the matching cable in the Apple Store.

If you plan to buy an additional audio hardware for the iPad there are countless options, such as Steinberg’s UR22mkII (http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_series/models/ur22mkii.html) which both can be used with iOS devices and Win/OS X computers. Krome connection to the audio device works here easily.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks Lars - this helps a lot

I would recommend the usb3 connection kit, which is newer. It allows a the iPad Pro to charge, while connected to the keyboard via USB.

I have a iPad Pro as well. It works well. I can’t say you’ll be able to hook an audio interface through the connection and keep the iPad charging, but it’s solid for a keyboard.

Hi Kynan1,

You’re absolutely right, the USB3 connection kit makes more sense here, since it provides the direct charge option.
Thanks for adding the helpful information!