[SOLVED] NI Massive > vsti preset list

If you encounter an unstretched preset-list inside a large black container-window…do this:

  1. Activate the “previewer” by clicking the “setup layout” button in the bottom left of the preset window.

This fixed it for me atleast.
Thanks for the assistance JSQ.

Is this the VST preset list window that you are showing us? I am not having this problem myself -everything displays normally, in v7 and v7.02

Yes, vst preset list.

Native Instruments Massive, latest update on win7 - i7 16gig ram.

I can manage to load presets if I drag out the window to a huge size, so basically the black backdrop covers the entire screen while the preset list itself is very small inside this backdrop container.

Is this just specific to Massive or all VST’s? Sorry, I don’t really have anything helpful to add, just think it’s worth being as specific as possible when identifying a problem.

I did some tests and it seems this bug is specific to Native Instruments Massive.
Well, thanks for the assist and crossing fingers NI will update their stuff then.

Ok well at least that narrows it down. Actually, I am running Massive and I haven’t seen this problem, in 7.0 or 7.02.

I managed to fix the stretch “bug” by activating the “previewer” in the window layout.

After I did this it hasnt occured again.
Will rename thread to solved and add the tips in first post.