[SOLVED] No Harp Sound...

Hi, I added a harp player and copy/pasted some music into it. When I try to play the part there is no sound.

I checked the Play mode and there are no midi blocks for it. It looks like there is no music written for it, but there is (the copy/paste from above).

Is the harp sound implemented yet? Or do I need to do something special to create/add a sound for the harp? I didn’t have to do that for the other sounds…



Go to Play mode and try Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments and/or Apply Default Playback Template, in the Play menu.

I haven’t explored HALion, but the harp staves on a MusicXML score loaded a guitar sound by default.

Ok that worked! Thanks! I did both. I can hear the harp playback!

The odd thing is, the Play mode still doesn’t show any colored blocks for the harp as shown in my original attachment image. Does that mean there’s something wrong?

Thanks Rob! :smiley:

It could just be that you have not scrolled those bars into view in Play mode, perhaps? You can click and drag the ruler at the top of Play mode to scroll through the music, and you can also use Shift-click-drag to zoom the ruler in and out.

Will try and report back. Thx.

Edit: it was a scrolling issue as you said Daniel. Block of harp came into view upon shift + dragging as you suggested.

Sorry for the noobie mistake, and thanks for your help.