[SOLVED] No sound and on-screen keyboard unresponsive


Hopefully this is something simple that I’ve either overlooked or just not understood. I create a new project, add an audio track, select an instrument (the on-screen keyboard pops up), but when I play it I get no sound or visual response from the keyboard. If I do the exact same thing in Cubasis 2, it it works fine – the keyboard responds and the sound plays. What am I missing?

(I’ve got audio output because the demo plays just fine.)

Try adding a midi track instead.

Hi Goman,

This sounds like a simple bug, since it should not be possible to load instruments on an audio track at all.

To get around this, please create a Midi track instead.

To allow us resolving the issue, please let me know the exact steps how to reproduce the problem.


Thank you – you’re both correct. My problem arose from not making the adjustment as I switched from Cubase on the PC to Cubasis and was in the mindset of adding an “instrument” track as I would on the PC. On the PC, only an Instrument track allows the kind of instrument selection that a MIDI track in Cubasis allows. Likewise, when adding a MIDI track in Cubase, there’s no equivalent to the instrument selection that occurs in Cubasis. I might not completely understand the rationale for the difference, but I understand how to make it work now. Thanks for your responses!