"Solved" No sound because a staff (track) was Muted in Dorico


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After changing the instrument of my project I didn’t get sound coming out from Dorico.

I checked the “Troubleshooting Playback Issues in Dorico | Support” on YouTube
and those threads :

But couldn’t get it fixed.

Then I tried “Show Mixer” F3 in Dorico on the top right panel and found that a track was Solo.

After removing the Solo I could get sound back again.

I would like to know why in Play mode Halion Sonic SeE3 panel I couldn’t see that one track was solo?

Other users could have the same problem, so it might be nice to include in the
“Troubleshooting Playback Issues in Dorico | Support”

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I don’t believe the connection between the outputs in HALion Sonic SE and the Mixer is bi-directional, so you can mute each side independently of the other. In HSSE’s window you can mute an output and Dorico’s Mixer will not show that the output is muted; it will simply receive no signal. Likewise, if you mute an output in Dorico, HSSE’s window will not show that the output is muted, but no signal will make it to the output because it is muted by Dorico.

You can solo a selected staff with the shortcut Alt+S in Dorico, which is maybe what you did by accident? If you run into this problem again, you can use use Play > Deactivate All Solo States and Deactivate All Mute States to reset the Mixer back to playing everything again.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

Yes, I suppose that I solo a selected staff in Dorico with the shortcut Alt+S by accident.

I hope that other users who might get the same problem find this thread.

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It would be awesome if we could have a visual confirmation that a staff is muted on Dorico.

As change the staff in grey for example.