[SOLVED] No TAB-notation for Jazz Guitar?

I noticed that layout-options for fretted instrument (e.g. TAB etc.) don’t appear for “Jazz Guitar”.
When I change to “electric guitar” everything is there. Is this intended?

There’s a bug (at least on my system, for certain instruments only) that causes the TAB options not to appear until you save, close, and reopen the project. Does reopening the project fix it?

This works as expected for me. Could you attach a project in which these options don’t appear, Andreas?

I’ve attached the project and made a screenshot to illustrate the situation.

After restarting Dorico and reopening the project, the “fretted instruments” options appears as expected. (like ChuckDimeCliff was assuming…)
jazzguitarnoTAB.dorico.zip (334 KB)

Have you done anything to your instruments.xml file or otherwise interfered with the default files included with your Dorico installation? It’s as if Dorico has some older version of the jazz guitar stashed away which doesn’t have any string/tuning data, which then gets filled in the next time you open your project.

THX, but - no, I haven’t edited anything and just upgraded the installations with the official installers since Dorico 1.x.

Can you try moving your userlibrary.xml file in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3 out of the way temporarily? My guess is that at some point you’ve overridden the default name for the jazz guitar instrument, and that’s saving some data that is causing Dorico to be unable to populate the tunings until it next loads the project.

Thank you, that was the solution! I had in fact altered the default name of “Jazz Guitar” to “Guitar” because in Big Band scores, which I work with a lot, it is more common to use the short term “guitar”. I answered your question with “no”, because I thought you’d asked if I had interfered manually with the XML files.

It should be OK to make that modification again in the current version. The problem, I think, is that you did it in Dorico 2 or earlier, and the data stored in your userlibrary.xml file then excludes the necessary strings/tunings information, which Dorico then fills in the next time the project is loaded.

Daniel, thank you for taking the time for explaining this! Your and the team’s support is unique. Besides Dorico’s great features this is another reason why I 've recommended many of my colleagues to switch to Dorico, which most of them did soon after. :slight_smile: