Solved - NOT Activated - Dorico 4 verification pending since release

I purchased v4 on the day of release (update from 3.5 and loyal since v1).

I noticed it said “Verification Pending” when going through the process, though Dorico 4 loaded and I’ve been using ever since.

This morning (~ 1am) however, whilst the internet was down, I thought I’d use this time within Dorico, to be hit with the “Steinberg Activation Manager” prompting me to activate.

Now, 5+ hours later, trying yet again activate it says “Verification Pending”.

Why am I being told it’s verifying again?

In all, I can’t use Dorico when my internet isn’t working. Really not happy.

EDIT - Solved through trial and error, I’ve no idea how, loads of warnings, errors, absolute nightmare.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest installing the most recent version of the Steinberg Activation Manager Steinberg Activation Manager version 1.1 now available

If your Dorico 4 licence still says “verification pending” then this means that the eligibility check for your upgrade is not yet complete. See Dorico won't start; Steinberg Activation Manager shows no license or "verification pending"