SOLVED: Note positions with multiple voices

Is it possible to override Dorico’s positioning of the voices below, so that the purple chord is to the left of the dark blue, light blue and orange voices? The ‘ordering multiple voices’ section in notation options does not seem to address this particular point. These settings are also project-wide and I do not wish to alter the positioning behaviours elsewhere in the project. I have tried moving the rhythmic positions in engrave mode, but this leaves the sharps overlapping with the noteheads.

This is a minor issue, but if there’s no way to edit this now it would be useful in future. When making orchestral reductions with lots voices and annotations, having the flexibility to make individual changes like these could make a lot of difference to overall legibility. Another issue I sometimes encounter is Dorico choosing virtually identical voice colours for two voices in the same stave, but I know this has been raised previously.

Many thanks
voice ordering issue.JPG

Each voice has a Voice Column Index property, found in the bottom panel of Engrave mode. Set the note you want furthest left to Voice Column Index 0, set the best note’s Voice Column Index to 1, etc.

The sharps don’t move so are overlapping with the purple noteheads (same issue I had moving the voices in engrave mode). Am I missing something?
sharps overlapping.PNG

Which staff is the big cross-staff chord on? It might work better if it is on the top staff and crossed to the bottom, not the other way round.

You can move the accidentals in Engrave mode, if that doesn’t help.

Thank you! I had not known accidentals could be moved independently. Re your first suggestion, the positioning behaviour did not change when I moved the cross-staff chord between the two staves

Hi Folks,

Trying copy this score from IMSLP:
Alma De Core_bar 7 voices.pdf (690.5 KB)

I’m having a problem getting the notes in the right hand piano part, bar 7, to match the horizontal positioning in the PDF:
Alma Del Core_bar 7 voices.dorico (886.6 KB)

Bar 7, beat 2, I want the minim F sharp and B chord to appear before the crotchet B. I’ve fiddled around with different voices, but can’t get the result I want.

I’ve read the comment by @pianoleo, and gone to the Dorico Pro 4.2.0 online manual, but still not sure how to get bar 7 to look the same as the PDF.

I’m no pianist—not sure if Dorico’s default position reads more easily than this old score—but I would like to know how to achieve the same horizontal positioning of the notes.

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Like this?
Use ctrl-select to select just the affected notes. Then right click> voices>swap voice order


Provided you have Dorico Pro, you could also select notes and change their voice column index. But I prefer the solution that was given by @Janus , as you don’t leave write mode.

Hi @Janus ,

Perfect. Many thanks for that.

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Hi @MarcLarcher ,

I’ve tried using the “Voice column X offset” option. It moves beat 2 crotchet B and the D sharp above it at the same time. I find this odd, because the B is Down-stem voice 1 and the D sharp is Up-stem voice 1.

I’m still unsure how to make best use of the column index settings, but thanks for the help.

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That’s because they belong to the same voice column, so if you input an offset, all the voices that share the same index (i.e. the same vertical column) will be offset. In Engrave mode, you can select noteheads, no matter the ties (which is not the case in Write mode) and give each voice a different column index (it’s not what you want here, only two vertical columns are used so you might only need to use index 0 and 1). Here, specifically, upstem voice 1 and downstem voice 2 share the column index 0 and downstem voice 1 has the column index 1 (the next vertical column belonging to the same beat.)