[SOLVED] Noteperformer 3 Trial turned Dorico useless.

Yesterday I downloaded the trial version of Noteperformer 3 and installed it twice for Dorico 2 Pro.
None of the options to implement Noteperformer show up in Preferences > Play > Default Playback Template or Playback Templates in the Play mode.
I can choose Noteperformer 64 in the VST instruments panel (in Play mode), but Dorico hangs after that.

Any suggestions to get Noteperformer 3 working?

Thanks in advance.


If NP doesn’t appear the Play / Playback Template menu like the attachment, it didn’t install properly for some reason.

Did you follow the instruction to close Dorico (and Finale / Sibelius if you want to use NP with those as well) before you installed NP?

Also, did you select which apps you wanted to use NP with? (But AFAIK the default is “all of them”).

Presumably the actual VST installed sufficiently that you can find it in the VST Instruments panel, but without the Dorico template and expression maps which are installed into the Dorico program directories (which is why you have to close Dorico to install it) it wouldn’t have done anything useful even if it didn’t hang.
Playback template.png

On the off chance that this is the issue, there’s a clause with the Note Performer trial that “You must restart your notation software every 1 hour.”.

Have you tried restarting Dorico?

Dorico and Finale were both closed during install of NP 3.(Hardly use Finale anymore and ditched Sibelius btw).
As far as I know, I followed the install instructions exactly as written, but perhaps oversaw a small detail.
However I do understand that Dorico hangs when looking for template and expression maps which probably did not install properly.
Will give it a go another go and hopefully it will work now.
Thanks for your response.

Yes, did restart my PC and Dorico several times, but the former suggestion may solve the problem.

Excellent. Hope it all goes well…

I did a fresh NP install and everything works as expected.
Thanks once more for the advice and suggestions.