* Solved * Notes entered on MIDI draw always at 0 velocity

Hi -

I’m having an issue with a project where I used a feature which splits all the midi parts onto separate tracks (I was separating out a percussion track going into Battery) - since I’ve done that, every time I draw a new midi note in the editor, the velocity is automatically at 0 and I have to drag it up.

I’m sure there’s a really simple fix for this but I can’t figure out what I need to change or click on, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!


There is an Input Velocity bar in the Task bar (between Follow Transpose and Snap On/Off) of Key Editor. The default Value is 100. Your Value is most likely 100. Just change it to 100 or any value you prefer.

That’s solved it, thanks very much! The default value was 0 for some reason, now it’s working how I expect :slight_smile: