SOLVED Nuendo 10.2 : izotope RX Connect instructions available? SOLVED

Hi All,
New Nuendo user coming from ProTools. I’m having trouble working with iZotope RX Connect as a Plug-in.
Getting the audio into RX is not an issue, however Sending it back doesn’t seem to work. I edited a severely clipped file and followed ‘instructions’ (as in did what the popups told me to do). Clicking on Apply sent my careful restoration work to nowhere and was replaced with the original clipped audio.
Frustrating, yes. Very.
So perhaps this is my mistake, but I can’t find any decent instructions on how to setup a workflow with Nuendo and RX.

Hope anyone can help!


Select RX Connect > Click Apply (Auto-apply not check) > this opens RX software
Do your audio treatment
Click on Send back
Click on Apply
And that’s all for me
(I work on a non english version of Nuendo so I’m not sure on the traduction of the button)

This works perfectly for me as well. To add to this, I only use RX via Direct Offline Processing. I’m not sure if it works as a channel plugin insert. Maybe someone else can chip in.

I’m really new to Nuendo (coming from PT as well), and just did my first web short mix last week. I too used RX via DOP. Worked really well.

Hi, thanks for the quick responses. I found out what went wrong, I didn’t use DOP but the plug in option and clicked on ‘repair’ (like I always did in PT).This seems to behave differently than the instructions given by cyrileg.

DOP works like a charm!