Solved - Nuendo takes 5 minutes to start - how do I find the offending plugin?

Each time Nuendo 12.0.30 is started, it takes 4 minutes just for “scanning VST3”. Even later, the program needs 90 seconds each time the hub is called. The computer was freshly installed with Windows 11 six months ago. Only necessary plugins from Waves, Voxengo, NugenAudio, iZotope are installed. No nonsense on the computer.
It is also strange that loading ** any ** effects chain also takes 4 minutes.
I have this problem since 12.0.30. I have reinstalled Nuendo with no effect.

If I deactivate all Plugins the programm and the hub starts instantly in one second.

Any idea how I can find the plugin that disturbs the system?
I haven’t figured out how to blocklist plugins.

After an update from Waves v13 to v14 the problem was solved.
I’ll leave it in case someone else has the problem.

Good to know I have this issue