SOLVED Number of samples in selected range

I have Wavelab Elements 9 and when selecting a region, the info box below the WAV shows it in milliseconds. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get it to show samples which is bizarre for a sample editor. So I installed the 11.1 demo to see if it’s possible in there and it is when changing the top bar to samples, the range parameter also changes.

So I just upgraded to Wavelab 11 Elements and it doesn’t work.

It works perfectly well, but you have the click on the desired ruler, as there are two. Apparently, you only click on the top ruler. See:

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oh wow, thanks so much, that is such a relief! I tried just about every editor out there last night and none of them seem to support it at all. I was about to code an application solely for for this purpose.

I’ll edit my original post.