(Solved) Padshop 2.1.0 update removes VST2

This is something I figured out and just wanted to share as I didn’t find anything related here.

With the update of Padshop to version 2.1 you will get the new protection without USB-dongle, but you will also lose the VST2-plugin. Unfortunately Steinberg somehow forgot to mention this rather crucial information in the release-notes.

This is especially bad if you use this instrument in other DAWs that are not able to detect (or even handle) the replacment of a VST2-version of a plugin by the VST3 -version.

Luckily the old version is still available on the Cubase 11 -download-site: Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

But keep in mind that this version requires the USB-dongle for copy-protection.

Thanks so much for this comment. I had the same issue; upgraded, and suddenly older projects had synth parts that would no longer play because it would not find the VST2 version used to make them.

Pretty strange that Steinberg would go so hard on this and completely bork backwards compatibility. I’m all for moving to VST3 where possible, but still offer the option to install VST2 where folks like us have been stuck!


Thanks so much for this info, which solves a problem I’ve grappling with! Shame this was not explained by Strindberg! Franekp