[SOLVED] Page layout staff/bar merge


i have a problem with my page layout. How can i merge two staffs/bar. See picture below.

Thomas from Germany
Dorico 3

In Engrave mode, insert a frame break at the start of bar 1. Then, with it selected, set the “Wait for next Frame a Break” property.

thank’s a lot for your help. But now i have two lines. I would like all the bars at (Bar 33 till 38) one line. And that line to the left page so i have at the end only one page.
frame brake.png

I think you inserted a Frame Break at bar 33, not bar 1. Delete the Frame Break at bar 33 and add a Frame Break at bar 1. If there are any other Frame Breaks, delete those too!

Insert a System Break (Shift+S) at bar 33 and check “Wait for next system break”.

Thanks now it works.