[Solved] - Percussion Mapping/Playing Technique issue with VDL

I am trying to create my own VDL percussion maps, and I am running into an issue, that I cannot quite figure out.

Currently, I am working on the bass line (manual) mapping. I only have a handful of sounds mapped, but enough, I thought to know if it was working correctly or not.

I ensure that I have the correct playing techniques mapped to the correct instruments (not too hard, on RH and LH).

In the score, I am showing a correct playing technique associated with the note.

However, in the playback for Bass Drum 14", I get a buzz roll sound, which is not even mapped? Also, when I do the same thing for Bass drum 6 I get the rim click sound which isn’t mapped either. As you can see, the correct playing technique is mapped for BD 14". Am I missing something?


To add to this… the other drums appear to be sounding correctly except for the top drum (14") and the Bottom drum (32").


I solved my own issue… somehow, the percussion mapping was dropped from the “cog” icon in play mode.