[SOLVED] Playback of voices on Violin Combi switches to plucking?

I am trying to find an appropriate instrument to playback my solo voices.

I picked the Violin Combi and the playback is on bow up to a certain page where all the the playing switches to plucked strings.

Any suggestions? I’ve highlighted the section where the instrument starts being plucked.

I suspect the articulation causes the switch, but switching back is missing?

Dear Cosedi,
I personally use winds (oboe, clarinet, bassoon) to mock voices lines as they are closer to voices attacks than strings — at least those offered in HALion.
I might add that if you add nat. technique, the violin will come back to “naturale”, and for the time being it is quite compulsory to add it.

The problem was that I had set up new instruments in the Halion interface without also setting up the correct matching profile in the “Channel Expression map”. If you mix an instrument with a very different “Channel Expression map”, weird sounds will come out.

Recently in a separate project, I had a piano solo with a channel expression mapping to “HSO Flute Solo” and it resulted in a grating monotone sound whenever there was a marcato in the piano. Setting the expression map to Default fixed the problem.

Hope there is a more intuitive way to know that 1) the channel expression map exists and needs proper setting after you select instruments in the Halion interface.