Solved Playing Back recorded FlexPhrase MIDI output

I’ve made a template for HALion Sonic3 so that I have 4 separate MIDI channels and these are sent to four different Audio outputs. This is all working fine. I also added a MIDI receive track for each of my four MIDI tracks set to same MIDI channels. The idea is that these are receive tracks for any recorded Flexphrase output. I tested this out and clicked the record button on HALion Flexphrase. Then I unchecked the record button and dragged the Flexphrase- produced MIDI to my MIDI receive track. All the MIDI is transferred fine. I now turn off the Flexphrase on HALion and test out my transferred MIDI. Now for some reason the Flexphrase output is not playing by HALion. My source material MIDI is playing fine but not the newly created Flexphrase MIDI. I can see all the MIDI fine but it is just not playing back. If I copied the Flexphrase MIDI to the same track as my source MIDI again the source MIDI is fine but not the Flexphrase. I had teh Flex coming after thesource in my track so I glued the two together but still the first played fine but not the Flexphrase.

This example was a short bass line so I copied my glued part and as an experiment copied the part and placed in a MODO Bass instrument track. MODO Bass played all the MIDI just fine including the Flexprase MIDI. Note this was on MIDI channel 2. I got the Flexphrase to work OK on MIDI channel 1. In case anyone says yes I did have my HALion outputs set correctly.

Could someone test out for me if the Flexphrase output copied into a HALion track is playing back OK on tracks other than MIDI track 1? Probably something daft that I have done but I would really appreciate any help.

Now solved this. Any Flexphrase material is output MIDI channel 1 even if generated via another MIDI channel. Best therefore to set you channels to MIDI channel ALL.