[SOLVED] Playstore Download Failures! Is APK available from Steinberg?

After a dozen attempts to download from the Google Play Store, each fails with a variable percentage of success on 2 new devices each with 64 gigs.
I have a good broadband connection, have rebooted, closed all apps, checked memory and all systems are go. It has gone anywhere up to 12 hours before just dropping out.

Can you provide an APK to download on the PC that I can transfer to the Android devices? As others experience the same problem, it will help with sales. If necessary a license key could be embedded or somehow checked on the Android device as a valid install…
It seems very odd that the Play Store specs said that the app was 66MB, but each time I have tried to download/install it, the app size is said to be 1.12Gb. How big is the app? Please explain. Any other suggestions? I have posted this same info on the Play Store with a 1 star rating and as mentioned there, would rather get this working and upgrade the rating rather than ask for a refund and leave a single star behind.
This forum is a more appropriate place for trying to resolve tech issues than Google’s storefront, because we can exchange updates chat style until there is a resolution one way or the other.

I appreciate that this is a new version and will work with it and provide solutions I discover as the product and compatibility issues are ironed out.
I am very happy with Steinberg’s Spectra Layers 6, but must say it too was very difficult to get installed.
As with most things technological, both software developers and end users have to persevere to succeed.
Thanks much

Hi CragiOmundo,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, Cubasis for Android is exclusively available via GooglePlay.
The full size of the app +1 GB.

To our knowledge, downloading and using the app seems to work fine for other users so far.
Please check if resetting your internet connection will help to resolve the issue.


Success!! The Play Store DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS are due to the large side of this app - around a Gigabyte.
Solution= Thanks to Lars suggestion, the download bottlenecks can be solved with these tips:
Fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store - Google Play Help After 2 hours of running the app, my rating went to 4 stars on the Play Store
Will keep testing, especially with MIDI hook ups. If any work, this is going to 5 stars for sure.

Hi CraigOmundo,

Glad to read, that the issue could be solved!
Time to enjoy making music with Cubasis then… :slight_smile: