**Solved** Please help: VST Libraries not available in Cubase Artist 10/Groove Agent SE 5


I have searched and searched but cannot find a solution to my issue. I hope someone can help.

I have many VST libraries in Library Manager but only a few actually available in Cubase Artist 10 (fresh install).

I am most interested in the Songwriter Essentials because I paid extra for (and have used) those sounds, but Groove Agent ONE should also be available, among others, I believe.

Can anyone help?

Library Manager:

Groove Agent SE 5:

Note that if I use the trial version of Groove Agent 5 (as opposed to GA SE5), Songwriters Essentials is then available:
Groove Agent 5.PNG


Groove Agent One library is not visible in Groove Agent (or Groove Agent SE). You have to install the old Groove Agent ONE. The libraries are not compatible.

Where do the 2nd and the 3rd picture come from? Where did you click? Is there any filter setup, which prevents to show the results?

Hi Martin,

I see (GA ONE).

The second image is after clicking “load preset” in Groove Agent SE5, while the 3rd is after clicking “load preset” in Groove Agent 5 (full version demo). No filters. In the image below I have rearranged the headers. It is a side by side of the same selection screens above. Songwriter Essentials just doesn’t seem to be available in the SE version for some reason.


Could you try to follow this and this thread, please?

Hi Martin,

Yes, I trashed preferences already, DL’d new and reinstalled. Moved the VST sound pack around to different folders and pointed Cubase’s Plugin Manager to them.

Whatever the guy did at the end of that second thread, I have not done and cannot really understand what he did.

Dang it. I love Cubase but I wish this was easier.




One more idea. Make sure you unzip the installer file and then install from the unzipped folder, please.

OK, finally had a moment to call Steinberg support.

The issue was my firewall for whatever reason. All the other VST libraries installed without issue. But not Songwriter Essentials. I tried everything under the sun to get this to work, but in the end I had to disable all Norton stuff.

I am so glad to finally have it working…and just in time because I upgraded to pro! Woohoo. Hours in front of the computer here I come.


  1. Uninstall VST library from Steinberg Library Manager
  2. Uninstall VST library from PC using Add/Remove Programs
  3. Disable all firewall/virus protection
  4. DL/Unzip/Install library in default folder
  5. Re-enable firewall/virus protection