(Solved-Plugin Issue-)C10.5.12(mac Catalina)Beachball issue when disabling Control room and enabling it back

Hi ,

I was trying to fix CPU spike issue and found beachball appeared when i disabled Control room and enable it back in C10.5.12. Can anyone confirm this issue. Although there is no impact on my projects since i dont disable control room but in case, some one does it then workaround is only to force quit and restart Cubase.



It works to me here with no issue.

What buses do you use in the Control Room? Do you use any plug-in(s) there?

Hi Martin,

You got it man. There is a plugin (Pinguin analyser) in my control room insert. I took off the plugin , it did not crash :slight_smile: I verify again with plugin inserted and it crashed. But this should not happen. It seems bug unless we call it a feature :slight_smile:


I’m glad it work for you know.

If you would attach the *.crash file, I could have a look, if the cars is in Cubase or in the plug-in itself (what would be my guess).

Hi Martin,

I found , Crash only happens when application(analyzer) is not opened as standalone app window but plugin is there in control room. It never happened before or may be i never checked this since i rarely switch off control room. I have attached the crashlogs.

thanks for your help.
Cubase 10.5_2020-03-05-212856_jay’s MacBook-Pro.crash (201 KB)

Hello Jsingra,

I get also often the beachball but nor crash report, cubase runs endlessly without responding.
Sometimes with Arturia and alway if I open more as on Fabfilter Pro Q 3.
Please can you test to open two or trey Pro Q 3 plugin windows parallel and edit them.
Dos this crash on your System too?

Hi Ram242, I dont get beachball now. Also, it does not crash but audio glitches, CPU overload happens with fabfilter Pro Q3 when i making changes into it. I disabled hardware acceleration for fabfilter plugin but still it is same. I did a fresh installation today and i could work atleast. I have rendered my all instruments and audio with all processing written and now its all good. BTW if i use stock plugins there is no issue. Frequency( instead of fabfilter) is the friend if you dont like rendering.


It’s totally clear here. The crash is completely in the plug-in.

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0   com.pinguin.PGAMMWire64       	0x000000014d00ef20 PgammwireAudioProcessor::setStateInformation(void const*, int) + 222
1   com.pinguin.PGAMMWire64       	0x000000014d0f8154 juce::JuceVST3Component::setStateInformation(void const*, int) + 194
2   com.pinguin.PGAMMWire64       	0x000000014d0f7fb5 juce::JuceVST3Component::loadVST2CompatibleState(char const*, int) + 65
3   com.pinguin.PGAMMWire64       	0x000000014d0f7f40 juce::JuceVST3Component::readFromUnknownStream(Steinberg::IBStream*) + 260
4   com.pinguin.PGAMMWire64       	0x000000014d0f5e62 juce::JuceVST3Component::setState(Steinberg::IBStream*) + 120

Please get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer.

Thank you.