[SOLVED] Precount Metronome not working here

On one of the rare occasions I still use Cubasis (can’t use it for most purposes due to the “Midi out only on channel 1” bug, plus some clock timing issues), I was surprised to see that the precount doesn’t seem to work any longer. I checked it both on my old iPadPro 12.9 and my new iPadPro 12.9 2017 (fresh install of Cubasis 2.2).

Can anyone check? Just set precount to 1 or 2 bars in Setup/Metronome, then add a midi track, activate metronome and begin recording. Recording starts immediately here, no matter how the precount settings are.

Have I overlooked anything in the settings, or is this a bug?

Please, can anyone check on your Cubasis 2.2?

I’ve been using Cubasis on an old Ipad 2 for years for simple projects with no problems (2.1?). Over the weekend, I downloaded a fresh copy, version 2.2, and the Pre Count is always Off, no mater what you choose in the dropdown menu in the Metronome section. I honestly don’t remember, but I think there used to be an On/Off button near the Pre Count choices.
Either way, the app is usless until this is fixed. Hope someone in Steinberg Support can help.

Correction to my earlier post today. If you read down the posts, there is another thread about this and the solution. You set the Pre Count in the Metronome Menu, but you tap the Tempo Display Window at the top of the screen, next to the Metronome button. It drops down a menu to set the tempo and Recording modes, punch in, punch out, precount with audio tracks or precount with just the metronome. Not a bug, just something I probably set up years ago and forgot how. Hope this helps.

"Not a bug, just something I probably set up years ago and forgot how. "

@downsizer: Thanks, that was it! And like you, I neither remembered this weird kind of split setup, nor was I able to find this solution by searching “metronome” or “precount” in the inbuilt Cubasis help/manual: the solution simply does not show up that way.

So it looks to me as an issue of bad programming to have it as it is now, even if it is no bug.

From my view it’s just counter-intuitive and irritating

  • to have metronome options in the general settings, but then the settings don’t work as expected, before you haven’t found and activated another setting buried in a submenu of tempo settings (where hardly anybody will assume activating metronome precount without proper hints)
  • not to have precount (with options ofr length in the settings) ACTIVE as default after fresh installs: that’s simply the BASIC recording option for everyone, before activating special recording modes, and it either simply should be on as default
  • and finally not to have a clear cut paragraph about ALL metronome options, including precount options, at one(!) place (“metronome”) in the help file

Glad I got it working again, and thanks for your help, downsizer!

Thanks for the helping hand, downsizer!