[SOLVED] Problem inserting program/bank-changes


I use Cubasis on an iPad Air.

To do a program/bank-change for Korg Kronos i have to insert 3 values:

  1. program change number
  2. CC 00 bankchange MSB
  3. CC 32 bankchange LSB

two problems occur:

  1. when i want to insert the values at the beginning of the region in the left corner, the numbervalues are placed right under my finger and i can hardly read them.

  2. i am not able to insert the values “1” or “2”. The value jumps right from “0” to “3” , no matter how often i try.

It would be much easier to have an eventlist to insert program/bank-changes.

Best regards, Robert

2.) was answered in another thread: disable the snap to grid option to access all values without jumps.

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Thank you Jim, it works!