[SOLVED] problem on audio hardware connection

Hi guys, my (real) name is Emidio and I write from Italy. :slight_smile:
I have a problem on my external audio hardware connection, so I need some help on Cubasis3: I have always used N-TRAKS so far, where I just had to connect the Behringer Xenyx Qx1002 mixer via USB to recognize it as a audio hardware automatically… Instead from Cubasis ROUTING I don’t see it (gives me as options the integrated mic of the iPad or the other installed apps).
Why does N-TRAKS recognize the Behringer automatically while CUBASIS does not recognize it? :frowning:
How can I do?


Resolved! The original Apple camera kit interface has stopped working; it was enough for me to change it with another and now everything is ok.

Hi emidio,

Glad to hear you’ve been able to resolve the issue yourself.
Thank you for updating the topic.

Stay well,