SOLVED - Problem with automation

When I select the select button and draw the rectangle on the bit I want to work with the rectangle disappeares as soon as I lift my finger and nothing is marked, what do I do wrong?

Steinberg this could be a good video to add to the getting started videos. Loving automation but having some issues issues with the filter plugin dropping data as noted by others on here.

Doesn’t anyone know or have an idea?


I need a little more information to understand your question. If I draw a rectangle over recorded automation data it works as I expect. Could you give me some more information (maybe a video) so that I can understand in what case it does not work?

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I discovered now what I did wrong, I had missunderstod the whole thing with the select button!

But I hope that there will be an instruction video about automation, the manual in Cubasis isn’t that helpfull all the time.