(SOLVED) Problem with drawing automation between 0 and 4

Hi there!
New to this software, seems great so far, except when I’m drawing in a Program Change automaton, when I drag my finger close to the bottom of the grid, after hitting 4 it always jumps straight to 0. I’ve tried this over and over again, even with different controllers it’s always the same, even when I expand the grid to fill the screen vertically. I got it to almost stay on 3 a couple of times, but no dice. This wouldn’t be a big deal except that I’m sequencing hardware, and moving my patches to another slot seems like it shouldn’t be necessary, and a lot of my songs that previously exist on other devices reference these three slots. Is there a way to just directly enter a value into a time slot so that I maybe don’t have to deal with this? Or maybe a way to get more precise control?
Thanks very much, M

Hi Mark,

please disable the snap to grid option in the toolbar. This option also affects the snap of the automation.

Thanks so much, that worked!