[SOLVED] Problem with installation of Absolute 2 ???

Trying to install Absolute 2 and the downloader can’t find Steinberg.de or something is wrong there?

“A connection to the dowload server could not be established.
Check your internet connection and try again”
[V] checked!!!
What does that mean in reality?

Someone else just posted that the steinberg hub didn’t work either. Mayhaps some server thingy going on.

OK. Thanks. Tomorrow is a Monday and I’ll try again.

Having same issues - couldn’t connect to server during installation a few days ago (so just installed from local then downloaded update from website and updated that way) and also when Cubase is loaded and the hub appears it just says ‘Connecting…’ in the News and Tutorials area.

Must be server issue…

Monday and no luck!
Native Instruments server works …
Emailed support. :confused:

Hi, it’s me again …
It also would have helped if I wasn’t such a phucking idiot!!! :blush:
I tried to think again and I used the eLicenser (of all things …) to register Absolute 2 and TAH-DAAH!!!
Now the Steinberg Download Assistant is filled with candy! :sunglasses:

Well there ya go :stuck_out_tongue:
Have fun!

It was a server issue, and it has been fixed on Monday.

Sorry for the inconvenience :-/

Aha! :sunglasses: