[SOLVED] Problems over problems

Firstable: I’m used to garageband and Cubasis 2. Both apps were / are working without any kind of problems on my Ipad 4 mini.

I got the cubasis 3 app and thought, that would run at least as good as cubasis 2 and I hoped that some good workflow tools got integrated.


  1. Cubasis 3 needs much longer to start then Cubasis 2. Why?
  2. In every project I made by now, after adding / editing a few tracks, the app begins to stumble, is running slow, getting distorted. I arranged the same small midi project on Cubasis 2… without any problems. How can that be???
  3. Interapp connection doesn’t work fluently. Several times the whole app chrashed.


  • I still have to work with copy+paste. I miss a function for easy looping, like I’m used to work with in garageband.
  • I still miss a possibility to record / arrange in song sections.
  • An Autotune-Plugin would be great. Of course I would pay for it.

But those a kind of future wishes. For now I would be confident, if an app, I paid over 50€ (incl. the plugins) for, would work fine. So it’s very frustrating and disappointing.

And yes, I restarted my Ipad already … no changes, same issues.

Hi leptonx,

Thank you for your message.
I’m sorry to read that you have issues with Cubasis.

In order to support you, it would be important and required to provide us with reproducible cases.
Once we’re able to see the problem, there is a good chance to have it resolved by our engineers.

To give it a start, please follow these steps:

  • Shut down Cubasis 3
  • Go to the iOS settings, and scroll down the list to the left until you see the Cubasis 3 app icon
  • Tap the Cubasis 3 app icon, and enable "Load empty project on next app launch
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and shut down the app
  • Restart your iPad and launch Cubasis 3

From here, please use Cubasis 3 on its own to check, if any of the problems mentioned appear.

Afterwards, please add 3rd party apps piece by piece, until you notice an issue (here it would be helpful to nail it down to a particular plug-in).

Using 3rd party instrument and/or effects plug-ins can easily lead to unforeseeable issues unrelated to Cubasis (same for every other DAW).
In addition, please note that using instruments and or effects plug-ins is similar to run a several app next to Cubasis.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Please make sure “Background Audio” is enabled in Setup/Audio
  • Please check the system load, via opening “System Info” (last tab in inspector) and running the playback
  • Have a look if choosing higher “Hardware Latency” values improve the situation
  • Check if you’re able to lower the number of 3rd party apps via loading these as send effects
  • Make use of “TrackFreeze”

Please let me know about your results!


Thanx Lars. The main problem is solved now… projects are running fluently now… seemed to be an issue of latency
I will have a further look on the communication with the other apps. I work mainly with the apps “future drummer” and “audiokit Synth one”. The first impression: things a getting better.

What I didn’t understand: What do you mean by “make use of track freeze”.

I forgot one problem to mention, but maybe that one has to be set on a wishlist for further updates. When I add a midi drum-track, the drums doesn’t adapt to the original tempo of the song (what I’m used to in garageband). No, in contrary to that all tracks of the song slow down to the tempo of the mididrums. So I have to set back the tempo again what is kind of annoying. And: the autoplay function is useless, when the tempo of drumtrack and song ain’t fit together. Is it programmed like that or is the mistake on my side???

Thanx and best regards.

Hi leptonx,

Glad to hear that your main problem could be solved by this!

TrackFreeze allows to quickly convert tracks into audio, to save CPU.
Please have a look at our available tutorial to learn more about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJmXktqhF_8

The included Allen Morgan MIDI factory drum loops have a suggested tempo information embedded in the file.
We might add a feature in the future, where users can decide if the tempo should change by importing these files.

Best wishes,