[Solved] Problems re-registering CA7


I’m new to Cubase and this forum, so not really sure if I’m at the right place…

My problem is, that I have purchased Cubase Artist 7 second hand and when I wanted to register I found out that the previous owner had already registered the product. I contacted him, asking him to remove his registration, but he claims that he doesn’t remember his password and/or username anymore thus leaving me in a pickle… I do have all the original discs, USBKey and license-codes.

Anyone any ideas?

I have already contacted customer support, but obviously everything is closed for the holidays.

Happy holidays!


Welcome Ivo.

If the seller sold you a USB key with the license on it, you should be able to use the software without registration. Just install CA7 and the latest version of the eLCC application and it should work. It would be better to get the key registered to your name instead of the seller in case you run into problems later, but you should contact support for that.

Thank you!

Indeed I have installed everything and it’s working like a dream!

The only thing I wanted to register for, is for upgrades and support. Well, nothing to do but wait then. Hope support can help me, without having to buy a new license…