[SOLVED] Problems with audiobus/inter app


I’m running cubasis 1.9.7 on an iPad air 2. I’m trying to link arturia imini into cubasis either with audiobus or inter-app audio, but it either crashes or the sound disappears. I’ve also noticed the control knobs on the imini start spinning and frantically adjusting. This seems to be on an arpeggio pre-set. The whole set up seems very fragile and I’ve tried shutting down and rebooting etc, but this does not resolve the problem. Is there possibly a conflict with settings I am overlooking?

There are only two other tracks, midi drum kit and some small audio files, nothing major.

Grateful for any help.


any more info that could be helpful before we try to reproduce this? Like iOS Version, any other hardware or interface connected?




Ipad air 2, iOS 9.2.1 (13D15).
cubasis 1.9.7
No other hardware connected.
Other apps - nanologue, audiobus, nanostudio, imini, chiptunes pro, sidtracker64, nanoloop. I did have tabletop, but deleted because it wasn’t that good.
Garageband works with the inter app connection for the imini, but the functionality is not as good as cubasis, so would prefer to use cubasis.

All i’m trying to do is set up some midi to imini, then solo the track and mix down to create audio which I then bring back into cubasis. its very basic. I only have one track as drums using an am kit, then I have an audio bass line. The idea is just to add a couple of other synth sounds.


Managed to resolve the problem.

This tutorial helped.


thanks for the update and GOOD to hear you could solve it!