[SOLVED] Project from Cubasis 2

Lars, some questions:

  1. are Cubasis 2 projects visible in Cubasis 3? Are they directly accessible? Or they must be imported one by one. Because once Cubasis 3 is installed I want to uninstall CB2.
  2. Do projects remain on Ipad if I uninstall Cubasis 2?

Or rather explain to us how the projects are carried out in Cubasis 3. It is not clear to me.



I would recommend to transfer your CB 2 projects to CB 3 via AirDrop piece by piece.

Since projects can be very different (in terms of 3rd party instruments/effects), I would load these in CB 3 afterwards to check, they play/work fine.

Make sure to backup all important files before deleting CB 2!


Grazie! Thank you.