[SOLVED] Project only outputs to left stereo channel

I have an old Cubase 3 project that I have opened in Cubase Elements 6. Everything works fine, except that I only hear output from my left speaker. Other songs I open in Elements 6 play fine, over both left and right speakers, and if I play something in Winamp, it also plays fine. Only this one particular song has this issue.

I can see in in the volume bars in Cubase’s Transport Panel (F2) that the song actually outputs over both the left and right channel, and if I change the panning of one of my instruments, I can see this reflected in the volume bars in the Transport Panel as well. (By “volume bars”, I mean the “Audio Activity (Main Mix Output Channel)”.) Yet the actual output of my speakers is only through my left speaker. So the song itself seems to be setup correctly, suggesting this is maybe something in the final output channel of Cubase?

What setting might have gone wrong in this one song that can cause this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Check your VST connections and see where the stereo out bus connections are being sent to. Likely, the right side is either not connected or being sent to a different port.

Ah, that’s it! The right output was going to the same target as the left output. No idea how Cubase managed to set it this way after opening an old Cubase file, but easy enough to fix now that I know what it is. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What does this mean? Currently I have my audio going to Stereo 1 and 2 but I only hear audio from the left speaker and not the right.

HI!! How have the same problem. Just one project does that, that’s so weird, how did you solve it?