[SOLVED] Project template suggestion

It would be good if we could “save as template”. This way we could create a template project with tracks that correspond to an audiobus preset. The work to setup frequently used external apps to start a song would be greatly reduced.

Hi Paulm,

please give “snapshots” a try:

  • Create a project (such as your template)
  • Once finalised tap on the “snapshot” button

Snapshots behave similar to templates (snapshot projects will not be modified once created).
Double-tapping on a snapshot will load/create a new project (based on the snapshot state).

Please give it a try and let me have your feedback.



Thanks Lars for your reply. Your suggestion of using snapshots works very well. For other users wishing to create a template using snapshots, here is how I have implemented the idea.


  • Open cubasis, open media - projects - New Project (Template) and name the project, I chose to name it “audiobus template”
  • open audiobus, load and open your input apps and choose cubasis as the output app
  • save the audiobus preset by tapping on the folder (top right) and then on the folder with the +
  • open cubasis, you should now have audio tracks which correspond to your input apps in audiobus
  • you can now control the apps from cubasis by creating a midi track for each app and open the routing of the track and select the app in the midi output, then choose the midi channel of the app

Create the template
Cubasis at this time does not allow you to create templates but you can use snapshots as a work around.

  • Open cubasis, open media - projects and then tap on the snapshot button ( bottom left) a snapshot file will appear in the projects folder which is identified by the project name ( audiobus template) followed by the date and a number. This will be your template file for further projects

    Opening a new template
    Close audiobus and cubasis to start from scratch.
  • Open cubasis, open media - projects - Open the snapshot you created. You will notice that a project had been created usually just above the snapshot file. You can now change its name by clicking on the e symbol ( right of the name)
  • open audiobus and load the preset created earlier
    You now have an audiobus preset routed to cubasis with cubasis tracks which correspond to the apps in the audiobus preset.
    The setup takes only a few clicks.

Paul M

Good to hear that using snapshots seems to work for you. Thanks for sharing your workflow.