[SOLVED] Punch in and punch out

When I looked it up it says it is now working correctly. That was way back in February. Maybe I’m confused of what punch in supposed to mean. I make a audio track. I Record a verse. I messed up on one word in the verse. I thought you would be able to go in and record over that one word. I thought that’s what punch in means. But what happens is when I record over the one word that I messed up on I can still hear the original where in the background. Is this the correct way that is supposed to behave or is it a bug.

Hi Geque2000,

Thank you for your message.

Punch in and out should work as expected with v3.1, which has just been released.
When recording and chosen the appropriate setting, you hear more than one track?


I did update to the latest. In the audio setting the Play audio tracks while recording/ Enable this for looper like behavior IS NOT enabled. On an audio track when you want to record over 1 part that you might I have made a mistake on. You still hear the original track in the background. So it really doesn’t replace it. It just adds to it. it actually supposed to replace it right?

Hi Geque2000,

I just gave the issue a short check, and things seem to work as expected using these steps:

  • Make sure “Play audio tracks while recording” option is disabled in “Setup/Audio”
  • Tap “tempo display” and enable “Punch in” and “Punch Out” in “Recording Mode”


  • Punch I/O enabled: Audio gets muted on selected track, when cursor passes L/R locator section during recording
  • Punch I/O disabled: Audio is muted on selected track during recording

Uploaded two example clips (DL expires after a few days): https://we.tl/t-gmcQ5lRksl

Please let me know if this works for you.


Thanks for taking the time to send me the sample video. I didn’t have it set to punch in and punch out. I also didn’t know it would record between the indicators. It’s working perfectly now. I appreciate how you take the time to answer everybody’s questions. Good work.

I guess it works a little different then I thought. It does punch in and punch out. But I still have to delete the original sound in the background. So I guess I should delete first then do the punch in and punch out. Maybe in the future a special request of the original sound in the background automatically delete when you do the punch in and punch out.