[SOLVED] Quantize MIDI input problem

Hi everyone!

There is such problem in my Cubase Artist 9.5.
I try to input 64th notes to the midi track and set Quantize presets to 1/64. But when i try to input the note (i.e. pressing ALT and clicking the mouse) it’s input length is 1/32 instead. Can do nothing with that. This problem appeared only last week with new tracks, all my previous projects didn’t have such problem.

Can anyone help please? :cry:

Up to where you have Snap ON/OFF, GRID, then you may have Grid Type to the right of that, make sure that is set to quantize and not Adaptive zoom

*IF you have that available in 9 or 9.5

It would help to see your computer specs, Cubase version, interface and that kinda stuff in your signature like mine. Click your User name top right then User Control Panel/Profile/Edit Signature

Thank you.
Yes, i do have adaptive zoom, but everything is set to quantize, not to adaptive zoom. This solution does not work :unamused: .

Found the decision here:

Found, it was necessary to include the length of the quantization. Key editor, right mouse button at the top of the panel, Length Quantize.

I dint have to quantize any length here to get 64 note duration inputting the quantize with the mouse as you stated. weird. Glad you have it sorted