[SOLVED] Question about high/low pass filters

My mixes are still really muddy even though I think I’ve panned, compressed, reverbed correctly.

I think the problem is with the EQ. I keep seeing people using high and low pass filters in the EQ and so I do that as well obviously but the EQ diagram doesn’t look like the pictures I keep seeing so I don’t think I’m doing it correctly.

The curves on the pictures I’m seeing are really steep so it just cuts off those frequencies immediately but the curve on my StudioEQ is very gradual so I don’t actually think i’ve added a high/low pass filter.

Here’s what I want it to look like:
hihat smaller.jpg
You can see the graph is very steep.

But here’s how mine keep looking even when I change the type of EQ:
hilo smaller.jpg
shelving smaller.jpg
You can see I’ve tried to cut off the frequencies below 140 and above 12000 but the graph is not very steep so it keeps allowing those frequencies. (btw ignore the fact that pic from the internet is for a hihat and my two pics are for a snare)

Do I need to use the ‘Filter’ insert effect instead or something? If so, would the EQ diagram I’m using at the moment work okay in conjunction with this filter insert?


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This is on Cubasis on my iPad mini.


Thanks again for your message.

  • Please choose the Lo/Hi Cut type setting as shown in your third picture (shelving smaller.jpg)
  • By increasing the gain to its maximum value (+24.0 dB) the curve at its cutoff frequency will be steeper

As of now, the studio EQ provides a slope of 24 dB per octave.

Also please have a look at the cut filter section in the new channel strip module (which has been introduced with Cubasis 2) that allows further options to tweak your signals.


Thanks a lot; that sounds good.

Thanks, glad to read it helps…