[SOLVED] Reamping guitar

I recorded some tracks with Jamup and made a DI track at the same time. I’m trying to reamp the dry track but I’m not having success. I’ve set Jamup as an inter app effect on the dry track but when I record an empty track while playing the dry track I don’t get a recording.

I also tried using AudioBus with Cubasis set as the input and output with Jamup as an effect. All I get is a loud hum. Currently, I have the mic shut off because I’m away from my guitar if that matters.

Where is my workflow failing?

If you have JamUp as an interapp effect, it wouldn’t be recording into a new track, the effect would be applied to the same DI track, then you could freeze it if you want to.

Thanks. I had a feeling that was expected behavior. I think the audiobus method should work. Has anyone done this?

I copy the DI track to Audioshare place AudioShare in the Audiobus input slot, jam up or whatever in the effects, Cubasis in the out. You’ll have to nudge the track to get it back in synch.

Excellent tip. I didn’t think I needed audio share. I guess I do :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for helping out yourself guys! :wink: