[SOLVED] Recorded Audio Not Showing In Media Bay

When I record audio the files only seem to exist in the project window and don’t show in the Media Bay.

I first noticed this recording acoustic guitar using the iPad’s built in mic. I have recorded an audio track from iPolysix using Audio Bus and again, there is no audio file in the Media Bay, but it is in project window and it will playback. When I delete it, it doesn’t show in the Trash, but when I undo it appears back in the project window.

Any ideas anyone?



Audio recordings are saved with the project you’re working on. Simply double tap on an audio event to open it in the audio editor and choose “Save to Media” to save audio recordings or other material permanently. Saved files will then appear in the “My audio files” folder (MediaBay/Audio) and can be easily used in other projects etc. When sharing/exporting projects all corresponding audio files will always be automatically included.

Thank you!

Ahh, right. Cheers.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Very welcome! :wink: