[solved] Recorded MIDI Event end extends to R Locator

I first noticed this when using RetroRecord but it does it when recording live too. Record Mode is New/Mixed. C6.0.3, Win7-64.


  • Create a new MIDI Track and set up a short loop.

  • Position the cursor to the right of the loop.

  • Record some MIDI and hit Stop. An event is created, trimmed to bar lengths. Neat enough, OK.

  • Delete the created event.

  • Position the cursor to the left of the loop.

  • Record some MIDI and hit Stop. An event is created but extends to the Right Locator.

I appreciate that most of the time recording is done inside the loop, so maybe that’s why this doesn’t seem to have surfaced before, but when making sequential recordings, as I do when noodling at the piano (using a macro that dumps the buffer at the track end), I don’t want to have to keep unpicking the overlaps this creates.

Looks like a bug (remeniscent of this fixed issue: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3400#p66150) but might be intentional.

Workaround: make sure the loop is to the left of where you’re recording.

Any comments/suggestions/confirmations?


(guessing, again :wink: )…
Is Cycle activated?

Guessing well, Vic. 'Twas the loop. Thanks. I’ll put this down to well-thought-out normal behaviour.