[SOLVED] Recording more tracks with Behringer XR18

XR18 with Cubasis 3
Hello, does anybody know, how to record simultaneously more than one track with the XR18 in Cubasis 3.

Hi lisandy,

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with Behringer’s XR18, to give the issue a check.

If your question is related to Cubasis itself (given all hardware routings are set accordingly):
Please make sure to tap all “Record Enable” buttons, of the tracks you plan to record simultaneously in the track list or mixer.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hello Lars,
after several attempts I was able too record more than 1 track.
So I can say, Cubasis works with the Behringer XR 18.
Greetings from Bavaria

Hi Andy,

Thank you for the update, and for sharing the info.
Great to know, that the XR 18 works fine with Cubasis 3!

Thanks again,

Hi Andy,

Do you mean multitrack recording is working with the XR18 or only one track at a time?
Did you do special actions to get this done?
I also want to purchase Cubasis 3 for doing multitrack recording with a XR18, but despite al forum post, I am still not sure if it will work.
My intension is to use a lightning camera (usb) connection kit from Apple to connect the XR18 and than do live recordings of a complet band. I have a Ipad air 2019.


I have an Ipad air 2019, camera connection kit 3, Cubasis 3 and an XR18 interfaced.
Multitrack recording works fine!
I use factory setting and had no problem.

Hi Frankyfastfinger,

Great, thanks for sharing this!