[SOLVED] Renaming A Project

I am just getting started with Cubasis, and I have a newbie question. How do you rename a project? I often give them generic names and as they develop, need to rename them. I have tried double tap, tap, long hold…I just don’t see a way to rename.

Thanks for any help with this!


Hi Tiger,

Welcome to the Cubasis family!

Here are the steps to rename a project:

  • Tap the “MEDIA” button top left
  • Choose “Projects” and select the project to be renamed
  • Tap the “e” button to rename your project

P.S.: Please find links to many useful tutorials in these Cubasis and Cubasis LE threads.
Of course, a google search will bring you lots of more from other users.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your help. The “e” button…I guess “e” stands for edit…I have been using it in other places, but it never occurred to me (obviously!) that “e” would edit the project name!