-SOLVED- Render in Place Problem

after working 2 days on a big project the “render in place” function is not working. I do not often use this function but
it doesn´t matter if I use shortcuts or choose render in place manually, nothing will happen when I choose this function.
I also cannot open the render in place settings menu anymore.

Im using newest cubase version with win10 64bit.

has anyone the same problem?

thank you for help



Make sure any relevant event is selected, please.

Also check that the selected events are not all muted or their track(s) aren’t muted, because it doesn’t warn you if they are, it just doesn’t do anything and it won’t display the settings dialog.



yes their tracks were muted, so the settings dialog wasn´t displayed and also my shortcuts for render in place didn´t work :slight_smile:

thank you Mike !

Yer, it’s caught me once or twice that one :laughing: