[Solved] Replace Audio In Video - Didn't Work

Just tried replacing audio in video to a H264 Quicktime file.

Notice I now have two video files in my root folder, interestingly both time and dated the same as when I did the replace.

Original filename has original audio in it.

New file has no audio in it at all.

Help! Need to deliver video with new audio to client ASAP!

I should add - progress bar appeared, started move along, progress bar vanishes.

If it doesn’t work, could we at least get an error message explaining why?

If this can’t be done, can anyone tell me another way I can replace the audio in a quicktime file? Virtualdub won’t load it.

I do like the guys at technical support!

New quick time (I was only 0.0.2 versions behind!) and it worked, even though I still got the worrying suddenly appearing to abort progress bar.

Are you saying that your problem started at 9:08 CST and you had already had a reply from Steinberg support at 9:28?

So bad news for those :mrgreen: , who insist in Steinberg to have a bad user support. Glad they helped you that fast.